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Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 05:02 pm
posted by: strsrblnd in teamtravismccoy

Hello you! 

Welcome to the brand spanking new community, Team Travis McCoy. I'm sure this place will hold a few new friendships somewhere down the line. 

We're not being stingy, but like every community, we have standards;


1) We support Gym Class Heroes & all it's members.
2) Friends only posts are happier posts.
3) The topic is set as Travis McCoy. No compromises :]
4) Pictures behind a cut.
5) No arguing please, this is for fun..
6) If you feel as if some thing is being done wrong around here, tell us. Don't hesitate & get straight to the point. We like to know if something isnt satisfactory.
7) DON'T POST PERSONAL INFO. His family, his friends, his personal life.
You wouldnt like it if it happened to you, so please dont do it to Travis.

Hope everyone has some fun here & that you'll post loads! :]

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Comments {1}

I aint no sucka MC

from: nowinmaine
date: Jun. 9th, 2007 07:37 pm (UTC)

Yo if anyone out there has Travs contact info check with him to see if its cool first but then ask him if I can have it. My name is BO MILROY he knows me quite well. It's just I haven't talked to him in like a year or so both of us busy and he's never home when I'm home either. I now live in Maine. Well appreciate it peeps.

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